What story will you tell?

I am tired. I really am. I am tired of attacking fires that are deliberately being started to outrage, divide, and break us. No more. We have fallen for this trap before. During the HRC campaign, many of us thought HE would self-destruct. We thought his words would speak for themselves, and we chose to highlight them as often as possible. “Negative” ads using his own words would secure HRC’s victory, we thought. The reality?
He used our outrage against us, and painted the entire campaign as “negative” and labeled her “such a nasty woman.” And you know what? To the outside viewer, he was right. While the HRC campaign was airing negative ads against him, he was airing seemingly hopeful ads promoting himself.
Are our collective memories so short? We cannot let him cast us as the star villains of his story. He wants others to see us as obstructionists who stand in the way of progress.
I do not yet know how to defend those who are hurting without stepping into his chosen role for me, but I must. I challenge all of us to ponder and define our chosen role. If we are to follow in the footsteps of our civil rights heroes, we must do so thoughtfully and peacefully. Our words should focus on our own ideas and solutions, and not a retelling of his horrid story. I will not stop protecting and empowering those who need my help, but I will stop telling his story. It is not my story, nor do I want it to be. My story is one of communities coming together to make history. So I will ask you again, what story will you tell?