The truth about marches, protests, and rallies

So much has been said recently about marches, protests, and rallies. Too much of it just isn’t true.

This weekend we joined a few thousand of our closest friends at the 11th Annual Moral March on Raleigh & HKonJ People’s Assembly.

The Moral March on Raleigh is part of a love and justice movement. Their mission is to fight for an inter-sectional agenda to support public education, economic sustainability, workers’ rights and livable wages, health care for all, medicaid expansion, environmental justice, equal protection under the law without regard to race, immigration status, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation, voting rights for all, and criminal justice.

For those who are hearing that these are paid protesters, that they are bussed in, that they are violent rabble rousers – here are some truths. People are bussing in – on busses that they organize and pay for. People are spending their own money and taking time off to do these things. And these people – are regular people just like you and me. They are kids, moms, dad, grandmothers, brothers and sisters. They are every color, every orientation, every religion. It was a beautiful thing.

NAACP’s Feb 11, 2017 Moral March #moralmarch #moralmonday