Pre-existing conditions

While we tend to focus on state and local issues, in today’s political environment, our access to affordable healthcare depends on the goodwill of Congress.  For that reason, we have the following the ask:

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and protections for millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions are at risk.  As stated in a letter to House leaders, the American Medical Association (AMA) is urging Congress to oppose the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and the MacArthur Amendment because it would result in millions of Americans losing their health care coverage and could make coverage unaffordable for people with pre-existing conditions.

Here in North Carolina we are hoping Senators Tillis and Burr will fight to protect the protections granted under the ACA that Americans worked so hard to get.  

If your family will be negatively impacted by the repeal of the ACA, and specifically the passage of the amended AHCA, we want to share your story with Senators Tillis and Burr.  We’d also love to share a picture of you and/or your family to make them see how this legislation hurt REAL North Carolinians.

We understand how sensitive these stories are and are sadden to have to ask.  Unfortunately, the current leadership in Washington is leaving us no choice but to be bold with our most private information.

If you are interested in sharing, please submit your story and/or photo here.

Did McCrory conspire against NC voters?

Last fall, frivolous and unfounded complaints against voters were filed in counties all over the state.  The challenges were used as “evidence” by the NC GOP to create an illusion of irregularity and fraud in the Governor’s race which Democrat Roy Cooper fairly won.


The challenges themselves used almost identical language, suggesting the challenges were largely written by a single source and later distributed across the state.  Democracy NC, after conducting an independent investigation, has “uncover[ed] a pattern of unsubstantiated charges of election fraud and irregularities, without regard for the harassment and harmful impact on innocent voters.

American freedom IS the right to vote – attacking the right to vote is an attack on America.  The actions described in the Democracy NC report should be thoroughly investigated immediately.

The Arena Summit comes to Raleigh!

Hundreds of awesome people from all over the country came to Raleigh, NC this weekend to attend The Arena summit, an event focused on cultivating communities of civic leaders. We told the story of the ongoing struggle for fair elections in North Carolina and hope we were heard.

We are excited to grow the relationships established this weekend, and look forward to restoring balance to our great state!