From the mountains to the shores, let’s show that North Carolina is for everyone!

The current NC state legislature has worked tirelessly to suppress minority and young voters, restrict access to healthcare, and to demonize the LGBT community.  In this most recent election, about 41% of state legislators ran unopposed.

In two ONE year, there will be elections for the North Carolina legislature. We are starting NOW to develop a “Whole State” plan to identify and fund candidates in each and every district in North Carolina and create a North Carolina General Assembly that actively works for civil rights, justice and equality for ALL people.

→UPDATED: Pursuant to a Federal District Court order North Carolina is to re-draw NC State and NC House districts by March 15, 2017 with new elections fall 2017. The order has been appealed to the Supreme Court, but we are hopeful it will stand!

Laws that govern how North Carolinians can vote affect the whole nation. NC has fifteen (15) electoral votes, and in a closely divided Senate, NC’s senators could tip the balance.

From the mountains of North Carolina . . ..
From the mountains of North Carolina . . ..

In this most recent election, the State GOP worked to REDUCE the numbers of early voting sites, and to REDUCE the days and hours that polling sites were open. The NC State legislature passed a “monster” voting law specifically designed to reduce minority voting. In overturning part of the law, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals concluded that the North Carolina General Assembly enacted “the law with discriminatory intent”. Empowering all people to exercise their right to vote is fundamental to democracy.

Let’s bring North Carolina forward together.

Our Goal: To identify, support, and work to elect candidates who support the rights of all people to the General Assembly of North Carolina from each and every of the 120 State House and 50 State Senate districts.

to the ocean . . .
to the ocean . . .

We seek candidates who support voting rights, women’s rights to their own bodies, human rights for the LGBT Community, affordable access to health care, and public education. Recognizing the importance of diversity, women, people of color, and LGBT candidates are encouraged.

Even if you are not in North Carolina, if you are reading this you probably have some connection to our state. There will be ways you can help.

Do you want to DO SOMETHING?

North Carolina . . .
This is EVERYONE’S North Carolina.

Right now, we are looking for people from all across the state who want to use their energy to make our state great for everyone. We are going to be collaborating with organizations with the same goals and different resources as part of a broad coalition that supports free and fair elections and transparency in the legislative process.

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If you are interested in running for the NC House or NC Senate in 2017, please let us know and indicate your district (you can find your district here).  We have spoken with several entities that want to work towards the same goal, but are constrained in how they may do so.     As an independent group, we can do things others can not and bring fresh resources (that’s YOU) to help the effort.  If you know of other groups we should talk to, we want to hear about that too!